Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review – Spencer Mecham

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online today.

There are thousands of companies looking for people to help in promoting their products. Most of these companies only need you to drive traffic to their doorsteps, and they will handle the rest.

If you are looking to become an affiliate marketer, or you are just interested in stepping up your affiliate marketing game, finding a mentor is the best start towards accelerating your income goals.

So far, Spencer Mecham’s mentorship through the Affiliate Secrets course has been the most profound influence in my affiliate-marketing journey.

If you’re interested, continue reading this Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review below.



What is Affiliate Secrets?

This is a training program created by ClickFunnels’ best affiliate marketer, Spencer Mecham.

Many affiliate marketers all over the world have found this course to be the best there ever was.

The course is structured to run you through all the key steps in creating a real affiliate marketing business.

The course will help you cruise through, from being a beginner to an expert.

In the course, Spencer Mecham shares the very same strategies he used to establish his business right from how he began.

The course also provides you with advanced strategies if you are an established affiliate marketer looking to automate your business. 


Who is Affiliate Secrets For?

Affiliate Secrets is designed for anyone who is serious about making an online income.

Though it is true that a course isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to say that about Affiliate Secrets.

Reason being, is there are so many different modules, led by so many industry experts, that it truly does have something for everyone.

Want to learn Google Ads? Affiliate Secrets has you covered.

What if you prefer Youtube? Affiliate Secrets has you covered.

Want to grow a Facebook group? Affiliate Secrets has you covered!

I’ve done a review on many courses in my time, and I don’t recall ever coming across a course as diverse as Affiliate Secrets 2.0.


Who is Affiliate Secrets Not For?

Affiliate Secrets is one of the most versatile courses I’ve ever reviewed.

With that being said, there are some it may not be for.

#1 – Get Rich Quick People

If you are looking for a “get rich quick” technique, then this is not the course for you.

Success doesn’t come overnight. This course does not change that rule.

Basically all of the get rich quick type courses/products are a scam.

After all, if it was that easy, we’d all be doing it right?

#2 – People Looking Done For You Offers

This is not a done for you offer.

As stated, you have to put in the work, in order for this course to work for you.

There are done for you offers out there.

Most of them are empty promises, or a scam also.

The few that are legit eat up a lot of your profits, because the work is being done for you.

If this is the type of thing you are looking, then I suggest look elsewhere.

#3 – People Afraid to Invest in Themselves

In order to be successful online, you need to consider yourself as your business.

A business requires money to run.

This course is no different.

It is one of the best courses around when it comes to ad strategies – but ads do require money.

Businesses also require tools, which you need to account for because you will need.

There are some free strategies in this course, such as Quora, Youtube, Facebook group building etc.

But, the paid traffic strategies in this course is the best training to date, and let’s face it – ads will get you a quicker ROI.

Keep in mind when factoring in ad spend, that you’re not going to get it right the first time.

The best in the world test ads every day still, and that requires money.

#4 – If You Prefer SEO

This course touches on a lot of different strategies, with a lot of different platforms.

But, it does not teach SEO at all.

For those who don’t know me well, SEO is what I do.

It does take less money to operate with SEO as a general rule – but it certainly takes more time than paid ads.

There are organic growth strategies in Spencers’ course for various platforms, but they are not related to SEO.


Who Are the Experts in Affiliate Secrets?

We will break down the modules a little further down in this review.

But for now, let’s take a look at some of the experts that have helped Spencer put together his Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course.

#1 – Josh Ryan

If you are unaware of who Josh Ryan is, he is an Instagram expert.

Josh has his own course, entitled ‘Instagram Mastery Academy’.

He is responsible for growing multiple accounts to a following over 6 figures each.

The best part?

He accomplishes a lot of this on autopilot.

Josh teaches you his methods that he uses to acquire thousands of leads each and every week.

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting his course, or growing an Instagram account – why not get both with Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

#2 – Jelani Abdus-Salaam

Jelani is actually a good friend of mine.

While he is very successful on other platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube, he teaches Quora strategies in Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

A lot of people overlook Quora, and underestimate the power and potential in the platform.

Jelani shows you how to combine Quora with Affiliate Marketing, to form a snowballing income through the platform.

I know a few people who do this with Quora. Trust me, it works.

Jelani is also the founder of the Quora affiliate marketing group.

#3 – Rachel S. Lee

Another online expert that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know, Rachel is one of the best at what she does.

I’ve seen Rachel prosper in several areas:

  • Building a Facebook group
  • Building a team
  • Delegating work
  • Lead generation

Rachel teaches her biggest traffic secrets that she personally uses to achieve a lot of what I just listed above.

If you’re wanting to generate leads, build a Facebook group or get clients for businesses etc – then the traffic needs to be targeted.

Remember, you want buyers. Not just people to fill the space.

So, driving the right traffic is extremely important for what you are trying to accomplish.

I would personally trust what Rachel has to share with my own business; I suggest that you do the same.

#4 – Johnny West

If you are in the social media space, you have heard of Johnny West.

Johnny is responsible for growing massive Facebook groups of buyers.

The proof of that, is that he also runs multiple 6 figure businesses online.

The only way that you can generate the types of numbers that Johnny does, is by knowing who to get into your lists and groups.

Johnny shares some of his best tactics inside when it comes to how to drive traffic.

#5 – Igor Kheifets

Igor is considered by many to be the “king of solo ads”.

He runs a very successful 7 figure solo ad agency, and is used by some of the most respected marketers in the world.

I know people personally who have used him, with great success.

Inside of Affiliate Secrets, Igor share some tips and strategies when it comes to driving traffic to your offers with solo ads.

Solo ads are a big part of online business for many.

It can be your make or break, depending on the traffic quality.

Igor would be one of, if not THE best to listen to when it comes to solo ads.

#6 – Jarem Atkinson

Jarem Atkinson is known as one of the great successes of Facebook ads.

Inside of Spencers course, Jarem shares some strategies to help you get the ball rolling quicker when it comes to Facebook ads and targeting.

Facebook alone has made many people wealthy in their businesses.

Even if you choose not to run paid traffic on other platforms.

 #7 – Kara Ferwerda

Kara is an expert when it comes to Pinterest.

Pinterest, like Quora is often overlooked – but Pinterest is by far one of the most profitable platforms that you could use.

One of the best things about this platform, is though you can run ads, Pinterest can drive a TON of free, organic traffic to your offer.

Inside, Kara shows you strategies on how to grow a Pinterest following of buyers.



What to Expect in Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets Training Course

The Affiliate Secrets training course is quite huge. Spencer Mecham has broken it down into modules.

The modules come in video series as well as other additional learning material.

Here are the modules (explained in detail) of what you will be getting in the affiliate secrets 2.0 course.


Module 1: Your Game Plan

Spencer Mecham affiliate secrets 2.0 review

Spencer Mecham starts the course by helping you focus your mindset into winning big.

In this module, he provides you with all your success tools.

These are all the things you will need if you want to succeed in running an affiliate marketing business.

In the module, you will also learn how you can develop a clear plan on how to run your affiliate marketing business. A crucial step that will help you get good commissions right from the start.


Module 2: Finding Hot Buyers

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Every affiliate marketer knows that finding a great offer is not as hard as finding the right prospects.

Module 2 helps you both ways: to find great offers and to put them in front of the right prospects.

The module of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 exposes you to ways in which you can find people who are willing and ready to buy your offer.

Often referred to by Spencer as, “The art of finding hot buyers,” this module goes deep into helping you figure out who has the cash and how to reach them.


Module 3: Traffic Legion

Affiliate secrets 2.0 spencer mecham

Traffic is one of the essential parts of an affiliate marketing business, and most affiliate marketers struggle in driving traffic to their offers.

Even when you have the best offer in the world today, you will still have a hard time making any money when no one sees your offer.

In this module, Spencer brings in some of the best traffic generating experts in the world.

Through simple and practical steps, this module will help you get high-quality traffic to your offer.


Module 4: Make More Spend Less

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Spencer Mecham

The quality of traffic matters to every business.

There is no value in having traffic that does not convert into a sale.

In this module, Spencer reveals how you can get more sales as an affiliate marketer.

He teaches you how you to position your offer in such a way that people will beg to buy an offer through your affiliate link.

When Spencer says he will help you in making people beg for your offers, you had better believe him.


Module 5: Automation Templates

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Have you wondered how you can automate your business to continue bringing in more money for you?

Autopilot is a success score, and Spencer has it all packed out in this fifth module.

He goes at length to help you learn how you can do this for your business. He presents you with the exact automation strategy that he uses.

Nothing sounds fun, more than running a passive income model on your affiliate marketing business.


Module 6: The Products

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Many affiliate marketers waste a lot of time and resources trying to make a decent living with offers that do not convert well enough to provide you with a sustainable flow of income.

If you are stuck in a rut, trying to figure out the best offers to rake in money for you, you should definitely get this course.

This module reveals a ton of valuable information that will not only save you time and money but will also set you up to find the best offers that will matter to your financial freedom.


Module 7: Long Term Business

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Automation transforms your affiliate marketing efforts from a hustle into a business. When you run an automated business, you can always trust that income flow is assured, whether you are present in your business or not.

In this module, Spencer furthers the idea of automation and merges it with the strategies that will help you create a long-term business. No more hit-and-run type of business.

You get to know how you can build your business in a way that certainty and predictability are present to help you in scaling even more.


Module 8: Creating a Team

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

This is the last module, and it will help you expand your affiliate marketing business.

In affiliate marketing, you can only make as much as you can do. However, with a team of people who find value in you, you can make a lot more than you imagine.

In this last module of the Affiliate Secrets 2.0, Spencer digs deep on how you can get a team of people to run your business.

A team of people who believe in you will be the last step in automating your business, and Spencer teaches you how to create this team!


How Much Does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 cost?

Affiliate Secrets has a current cost of $897.

This is a tremendous deal, when you consider all of the experts and course creators that collaborate to bring you this course.

Some of these experts charge more for their own courses individually.

The value of this course is easily 10x what Spencer charges.

Keep in mind that Spencer does update this course regularly, as sometimes the tactics do change.

The course updates, or new version roll outs are at no charge to you, if you decide to invest in the course now. 

You get free updates for life.


Course Bonuses

As if we haven’t discussed the price being too low as it is, in typical Spencer Mecham style, he has thrown in some bonuses as well.

#1 – WhiteLabel Courses ($1297 Value)

Spencer is so successful because of his willingness to help others.

This bonus proves exactly like.

He has comprised together a list of free things for you to offer your audience, as YOUR stuff.

So, ideally when you purchase this course, and decide you want to promote it to your audience – these bonuses you give can encourage more people to sign up.

#2 – Profitable Funnels ($1997 Value)

An additional bonus, is funnels that have been proven to convert given to you.

You can use these funnels to run your own offers to.

Or, you can give these funnels away to your own audience, to get them to purchase another offer you may have.

If you’ve ever taken the time to not only build a funnel, but build a profitable funnel – you know how much time can go into this.

#3 – 50 Pre-Written Emails ($1997 Value)

One of the hardest part about selling through emails, is the copywriting.

So, Spencer helps you with this.

He gives you 50 of his own pre-written emails.

All of these emails are setup in an automation, and brings him in hundreds of dollars per week on autopilot.

If you have been around internet marketing for any amount of time, i’m sure you’ve heard “the money is in the list.”

#4 – Your New Office Bonus ($97 Value)

This is by far one of the smallest, but coolest bonuses I have ever seen a course or product give away.

Spencer has made a name for himself as the “hammock guy”.

Notorious for doing a lot of his work on his laptop, while lying in his hammock.

I mean, who wouldn’t want that!?

So, as a kind gesture (and a little humorous), when you purchase the course, Spencer will send you your very own hammock.

Maybe it’s the nerd in me. But, I found this really awesome.


Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review Final Thoughts

I’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing space for 3 years now.

Spencer Mecham is one of the most up-front and kindest people I have ever had the privilege of getting to know.

He has a reputation that exceeds him, for both his willingness to help, and for his students results.

Known for his kindness, Spencer goes above and beyond for his students.

To say the least, the course will transform you approach to affiliate marketing.

It is worth spending the $897.

The experience of going through the affiliate secrets 2.0 course is just next level, and I more than recommend it to everyone out there.

If you are willing to go all the way in and make more income as an affiliate marketer, then this course is your all you need to make it happen.

Hopefully this Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review has helped you determine rather or not this is a fit for you.

If so, you can click below to get started.




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